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Onder Media Group is uniquely positioned to promote events, organizations, products, and brands appealing to the speculative media creators and fans.

  • With its diversity of media channels, OMG can deliver your message to thousands of gamers, writers, readers, and artisans
  • With targeted content streams, your message reaches the people most interested in what you have to say.

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Promotional Campaigns can be built with digital, print, and audio content. Combining multiple formats expands the reach of your message and can have a dramatic impact on campaign outcomes!

With an editorial focus that spans all of speculative media, the Onder Librum Website is the ideal place to expand awareness of your event or product.

  • Site content appeals to a wide demographic within speculative media culture
  • Diversity of content allows for messaging to targeted niches or across the entire content stream.

Ad Rates and Sizes

Ad Type Sample CPM* Dimensions (px)
Page Header Page Header Sample $1.20 720 x 90
Post Body Ads Post Body Ads Sample $1.20 720 x 90
Sidebar – vertical Sidebar – vertical Sample $1.00 360 x 600
Sidebar – square Sidebar – Square Sample $0.90 360 x 270

*CPM: cost per 1,000 impressions

Ad Formats

At this time, OMG only supports static image ads in .PNG or .JPG formats.

Onder Magazine is a bi-monthly periodical celebrating every style of storytelling and the artisans who create it. Dubbed “The Journal for Today’s Storyteller” features insights into the storyteller’s craft as well as reviews, commentary, and editorials of the most exciting and influential story frameworks in gaming, comics, film, art, and literature.

Like all OMG Channels, Onder Magazine presents a unique opportunity to appeal to a wide and deeply invested demographic within speculative media culture.

Ad Sizes and Rates

Unit Size Width Height 1 Issue 3 Issues (10%) 6 Issues (25%) 12 Issues (33%)
Full-Page Bleed 8.75” (2625px) 11.25” (3375px) $75.00 $202.50 $337.50 $594.00
Full-Page Non-Bleed 7.5” (2250px) 10” (3000px) $75.00 $202.50 $337.50 $594.00
1/2 Page Horizontal 7.5” (2250px) 4” (1200px) $50.00 $135.00 $225.00 $396.00
2/3 Vertical 4.95” (1485px) 7.5” (2250px) $45.00 $121.50 $202.50 $356.40
1/3-Page Vertical 2.39” (717px) 7.5” (2250px) $30.00 $81.00 $135.00 $237.60
1/3-Page Horizontal 4.925” (1477px) 4” (1200px) $30.00 $81.00 $135.00 $237.60
1/4-Page Horizontal 2”
7.5” (2250px) $20.00 $54.00 $90.00 $158.40
1/6-Page Vertical 2.375” (712px) 4” (1200px) $15.00 $40.50 $67.50 $118.80
1/6-Page Horizontal 4.925” (1477px) 2”
$15.00 $40.50 $67.50 $118.80
Classified Ad 2.375” (712px) 2.66” (798px) $7.50 $20.25 $33.75 $59.40

Full Print Advertising Specifications

Print Advertising Rates and Conditions

Like all of OMG’s content channels, the diversity of podcast programming at Onder Radio spans the breadth of speculative media.

  • Onder Radio podcast: news and interviews from gaming, literature, and art
  • The Archmage Speaks: Interviews with Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms™
  • Onder Tales: audio fiction that spans all the speculative genres
  • Forging Worlds: creative brainstorming with industry professionals

Audio Ad spots

Each podcast is allocated at 2 time slots for promotional purposes:

1 30-second spot at the top of the show

1 60-second spot in the middle of the show

Ad Size Positioning 2 episodes 6 episodes
12 episodes
36 episodes
30-Second Ad Spot Beginning of podcast $40.00 $108.00 $180.00 $320.00
60-Second Ad Spot Middle of podcast $50.00 $135.00 $225.00 $400.00

Audio Spot Formats

All submitted audio promotion content should have the following specifications:

MP3, 192 Kbps, CBR

Sample Type
44100 Hz, 16-bit