Onder Television

[The Onder Television Website will be live in January 2017]


Onder Television (OT) creates a window into the diverse worlds and personalities of Speculative Media. Video content creates an intimate connection, allowing viewers to see and hear the people who create the content they enjoy, while simultaneously delivering valuable and engaging content.

The content offered by OT is largely free-form (though there are plans to create a recurring hosted news/interviews show), comprised initially of interviews and footage gathered at conventions and other gatherings. It will quickly expand to include book or movie reviews, authors and artists exploring the processes and themes of their current work, tips and tricks with live demonstrations and more.


Video content for Onder Television will fall under two broad categories:

Organic Content

Organic Content is often A) unique, a “one-off”, B) personal to the creator (sharing insights and opinions), and C) aligned to a specific theme (writing, fandom, film, etc.) or process thereof. It’s still polished and professional, but not produced according to specific format and segment structure.

Organic Content can include:

  • Interviews
  • Media Reviews
  • Demonstrations
  • Commentary

Programmed Content

Programmed Content can contain any or all of the above examples but is designed to be episodic and recurring, following a defined format or segment structure. Organic Content can evolve into Programmed Content if the creator, through structuring and consistent production, cultivates these qualities.

Specific OT Programming will include:

  • OT On the Scene: Interviews and commentary recorded on location at conventions and other public events gathered by Citizen Journalists
  • Onder Television: A hosted and produced video series celebrating the creators and creations of Speculative Media
  • OT Dialogues: Panel discussions with creators and producers about culture, community, and craft of Speculative Media. Content will be gathered and produced from various sources, including Onder Academy and Onder Con events as well as footage from conventions by Citizen Journalists.
  • OT Academy: How-tos, guides, and demonstrations on all aspects of storytelling and production. Content will include highlights from the Onder Academy stream and other footage.