Onder Magazine

[The Onder Magazine Website will be live December 2016]


Dubbed “The Journal for Today’s Storyteller,” ONDER Magazine serves to not only celebrate the storyteller’s craft, but also to showcase the talent and experience of its practitioners and their products.

To date, ONDER Magazine has been operating on a quarterly schedule. Starting January 2017 it will release every other month, and begin monthly releases in June 2017.


The content of ONDER Magazine is committed to illuminating some aspect of the storyteller’s craft, guiding the reader in the ways to either CREATE or APPRECIATE a good story in any form it takes, including:

Writing – long fiction

Writing – short fiction

Gaming – board

Gaming – RPG

Gaming – video

Cinema – writing or production

Television – writing or production

Audio – narration or performance

Audio – audio drama (writing/production)

Music – creation or production

Visual Art – illustration or painting (traditional or digital)

Visual Art – Costuming or fashion

Visual Art – Sculpture

Content Sections

ONDER Magazine is divided into the following sections that broadly define each issue’s content:

Industry News (top events in speculative media)

Writer’s Workshop (focusing wordsmithing)

Gamer’s Table (focusing on gaming)

Artist’s Studio (broad category from illustration to music)

Reviews (tv, books, movies, music, etc.)

Comics (original often humorous illustrations)

Creative Showcase (creator interviews/galleries)

The Scriptorium (fiction)