Content Campaigns at OMG

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Content Campaigns are…

Structured releases of content
Over a span or interval of time
To achieve a specific goal or objective

To initiate a Content Campaign with Onder Media Group, please fill out the Content Campaign Request Form. Once submitted, one of our Campaign Coordinators will contact you to review the specifics of your campaign and establish a release schedule.

Content Campaigns are built around the diverse content streams supported by OMG. Please review the specifications for the content channels listed below to help prepare the content needed for a successful campaign…

Blog content is a vital component of all Content Campaigns. It is promoted through social media and included in newsletters, so contributing the blog stream ensures a broad distribution across multiple platforms.

The Onder Librum Blog

The Onder Librum website is the primary vehicle for content delivery and engagement for Onder Media Group. Content on the Onder Librum blog is parsed into the following categories and sub-categories:

  • Speculative Culture
    • Art
    • Comics
    • Fiction
    • Film/Television
    • Gaming
  • The Storyteller’s Craft
    • Artisans
    • Game Designers
    • Media Producers
    • Writers

Content Frequency

Every Content Campaign should include an aggressive contribution to the Onder Librum blog in one or more of these categories.

A minimum of bi-weekly blog submissions is encouraged.

Format Guidelines

A good blog post is 800 to 1000 words in length and should  educate, engage, and entertain. Adhering to the following criteria will help ensure your blog posts fulfill that criteria:

Tell a Story

Use personal experiences and specific examples to make a connection with the reader and engage their experiences in service to your message.

Use headings and subheadings

Break up the “wall of text” so the reader can pre-scan your post to get a sense of its content and value. Consequently, make those headings catchy and engaging.

Use Images

Include images to enhance visual appeal and help make your point. If you don’t own the images, be sure to include a source we can reference.

Use Graphs and Bulleted Lists

Graphs and lists encapsulate data and make it easier to organize and absorb.

Include links to sources and referenced content

Links are the internet’s version of footnotes. They also demonstrate your awareness of the larger conversation around your topic and provide the reader with the opportunity to dig deeper.

Onder Magazine, The Journal for Today’s Storyteller, is OMG’s primary publication. It features articles, editorials, reviews, comics, and classifieds celebrating the storyteller’s craft in the context of speculative media culture.


Like the Onder Librum Website, Onder Magazine has basic content areas that broadly focus on literature, gaming, and art. Within those broad categories, we encourage a wide spectrum of content, including:

  • How To – guidelines for refining some aspect of the creation or presentation of the format (example: How to Write a First Chapter, How to Add Drama to your Landscape Illustrations, How to write an Audio Drama)
  • Critical Analysis – an in-depth examination of some aspect of the format as it relates to storytelling, often citing multiple examples from familiar works (example: Pacing Your RPG Adventures, Shadow and Light in Character Illustrations, Vocal Techniques for Narrating a Story)
  • Critical Review – an in-depth examination of some storytelling creation. NOT “is it good?”, but rather “does it succeed in its objective” and “what makes it significant or relevant as a storytelling experience”) (example: [movie name] – Redefining Modern SciFi, [book title] – Exploring Cultural Terrain in Fiction, [album title]: Adrenaline and Steel Set to Music)
  • Step by Step – walking the reader through the sequential steps of a creative process (example: What to Focus on in Each Draft of a Story, From Sketch to finished Illustration, Combining Vocals, SFX, and Music when Producing an Audio Drama)
  • Cultural Context – an examination of the impact and influence of some aspect of storytelling. Can be contemporary or historical, but always raises awareness through the presentation of new insights (example: Kameron Hurley’s “We Have Always Fought”, Cover Art in the 21st Century, SciFi’s Love Affair with the Apocalypse)

Onder Magazine is bi-monthly until April 2017, when it will advance to a monthly release schedule. You can review its production schedule and the thematic focus of each issue here…

Some articles in Onder Magazine are later released on the Onder Librum site as blog posts to enhance the site’s content feed and boost interest in the magazine. Having an article in Onder Magazine is a long-term, high-profile boost to your Campaign’s visibility and objective.

In addition, all content in Onder Magazine is compensated according to the magazine’s royalty schedule.

Creative Profiles

One feature of Onder Magazine’s content is the Creative Profile, presented in the form of a Q&A with a creative professional. There is only one Creative Profile per issue, so reserving your space in advance is essential.

Creative Profile content must be delivered 3 weeks before the publishing month of the featured issue and should include hi-resolution photos of the subject (300dpi, minimum 1000px x 1000px). Additional photos in a similar format are welcome, but not required.

You can review the questions in the creative profile here.

Interviews for Content Campaigns are generally recorded over Skype or Google Hangouts and are roughly 10 minutes long. Focusing on some aspect of the storyteller’s craft, they often use a specific product or release as the context for the conversation.

It takes two weeks to record, produce, and compile an interview into a podcast episode or YouTube presentation.

Audio Interviews

Audio interviews are showcased and distributed through Onder Radio and other OMG podcasts as well as occasionally transcribed into blog posts.

Video Interviews

Video interviews are produced through Onder Television and distributed through the Onder Librum YouTube Channel. Like podcasts, they are occasionally transcribed into blog posts for Onder Librum.

To date, video interviews have been conducted in person at various SF/Fantasy Conventions. However, with a reliable webcam and audio recording equipment, a quality video interview can be recorded remotely.

Direct interaction via web conferencing is a superb way to connect with your audience. Through Onder Academy, OMG provides talented speakers, presenters, and educators with a platform to educate and entertain the creative community as well as expand the scope and reach of their message.

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions focus on a specific aspect or topic pertaining to telling or producing stories. Consisting of three to five subject matter experts versed and credentialed in the panel’s topic, Panel Discussions last no more than an hour. Seating is limited and, while many Panel Discussions are free to attend, a small admission fee may be charged (in which case, panelists are compensated according to the OMG compensation model).

Scheduling, promoting, and producing a Panel Discussion takes 6-8 weeks


Workshops are more personal educational experiences where a presenter leads attendees through a series of lectures/exercises designed to confer skill or knowledge of some aspect of the storytelling. Workshops can be single events or take place over several days, weeks, or months.

Presenters wishing to offer a workshop must first present a complete course curriculum for review and approval by the Onder Academy Curriculum Director. Workshops often charge for attendance and presenters are compensated according to the OMG compensation model.

Scheduling and promoting a workshop takes 3-4 weeks