Curriculum Director

by Onder Magazine | September 1, 2016 2:36 pm

OMG Division: Onder Academy[1]
Position: Curriculum Director
Key Skills: Basic WordPress, Basic WebEx, Project Management, Social Skills

Onder Academy is managed by a Curriculum Director overseeing the development, organization, scheduling, and execution of a rich and diverse online workshop/seminar curriculum.

Responsibilities include…

  • Reviewing all submitted curriculum and present recommendations to the Executive Producer
  • Schedule and coordinate the preparation of all accepted events
  • Assist presenters in getting acclimated to the features and functions of the WebEx interface.
  • Follow up with attendees and ensure event standards are met (including soliciting testimonials and evaluation forms)
  • Prepare recorded events for inclusion in the Academy Archives
  • Recruit SMEs to fill the Event Schedule
  • Calculate monthly presenter compensation across all events and Onder Academy sales
  • Coordinate with OMG Editorial staff for inclusion of content in other media streams


The Curriculum Director receives a commission of 10% of all ticket sales and all sales of recorded events. Commissions are paid monthly for the previous month’s revenue.

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